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It was just time, alright? I've always wanted to come here thanks to the McIntyre/Brooks family... and the Eagle River Scottish Highland Games just weren't cutting it. Plus there was the part about how I'd be going this trip alone, and thought it would be nice to be in an English speaking country (even if it is a heavy brogue!)
Well thank goodness for the flight from Fairbanks to Frankfurt, non-stop. I sat next to a German guy named Helmut that should just give it up: his hair is NOT BLACK anymore. Nice enough though. I mean, the man offered me everything he didn't eat, and once didn't take no for an answer! He actually hand fed me the grapes off of his cheese plate. Oh yeah, there were two, and I ate them. I thought "what the heck, they are good grapes after all!" That being said, the man really wasn't creepy, just trying to help me get my "vitamins" as he said a few times in broken english while flexing his arms to show me what he meant. Thanks, (wierd) Dad. After 8 and a half hours of FIRST CLASS (that's right, I've got friends in high places) I only had one connection to Edinburgh, Scotland.
I've got a purse jam packed with books on one shoulder, my travel guitar (thanks, Cob!) in one, and a GIANT water bottle in the other. I feel I must downsize. I drink the entire contents of the bottle since everything else is allowed through security and I have 45 minutes before my 12:10p plane departs. I get through, and immediately realize in this particular partitioned area, there is no dunny. And I've got to pee. But I'm a big girl, I think to myself, they'll board any minute now and I'll just use the airplane lavatory!
Well long story short things went from bad to worse when I had to wait till the end to get my seat and realized at that time we weren't boarding a plane, we were boarding a bus to take us to the plane. And the airport is HUUUUUGE! So I'm definitely to the painful point. Possibly worse than ever before, no joke. My options are to miss this plane and leave security or get on that bus and risk an embarassing explosion. I go for the possibly embarassing option, reasonably thinking to myself that I'll never see these people again anyway. I bent the metal on the handrail on the way there because somehow a tight grip was better than the only tension in my body being, well.... you know. I may have tossed a few people behind me on my way up the stairs to the plane, but no matter! I got there a little faster than I would have if I had not used my elbows against them.
Inflight, they gave me the tiniest cheese sandwich I had ever seen which was perfect because I was starving then and got to be starving upon arrival which allowed me to have haggus for dinner! That's right, blood sausage. And don't believe anybody but me: its good. Especially with the saltiest of saltlick orange vegetable beside it (mashed pumpkin?) Oh man. But I did learn that they make, serve, & drink flat beer here. Oh yeah, its normal, and I mean FLAT. From now on, the lagers please.
And now I'm about to spend my first night in High Hostel right off of the Royal Mile in the Old Town area of Edinburgh. Tomorrow, Edinburgh Castle!

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