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£50 Wellies

I can't make this =%&* up!

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Where do I begin? So I decide to at least stick around for the Friday part of the Fri-Sat music festival just in case I can catch some good music. Thursday night I find some place called Seaforth's and we've got a band playing that is called Our Lunar Activity. Classified as 'celtic rock' and they didn't look a day over 12. (Men are exceptionally skinny here so I think they all look a lot younger than they really are. Plus you can be in the bars at 18 which explains the look of a 12yr old.) They weren't too bad and jumped around the stage like they had an imbalanced sense of self esteem for their talent... it was great. I had an English couple join me at the table... they seemed really proper and then told me that they had just been to a great big concert... with Bjork! They just didn't seem the type... everybody gets to go to excellent concerts here! Its unreal.
So I put around the next day thinking about how I should move on since nobody will sell me a ticket to the sold out festival... we're onto Friday now. I meet some Swiss guy in the hostel that has just been out backpacking with tents and gear all by himself for ten days... he was extremely and actually disturbingly zen, but I had a beer with him anyway. At some point (like 2 beers in) he begins to show signs of intoxication and I snicker to myself at his hilariously low tolerance for booze. He gets up to get another round and get this: He brings me vodka solda hold the vodka! I didn't mention it but thought is he trying to tell me something after my whopping 2 drinks? We can't all be having our inner light shine without a thought in our heads like lotus blossoms on cool, crisp ponds, can we? I want another drink. I'm not showing ANY signs of intoxication by the way... it was my 3rd drink... so I sit down and he says to me "it might be good to just have soda water." I do a quick sweep of the bar and invite the closest person looking for a table to sit with us. And order another drink. Friggin hippy. He's the drunk one.
Luckily for me I met the coolest crew in the world! Well, at least in Scotland. So this group is a band of friends from the island Lewis there for the festival... they've moved all over Scotland by now so its a bit of a reunion! By the grace of God they include me! So we have a good time... exchange some numbers, and I still just wish I had a ticket to the festival and NOT back to Inverness the next day.
Saturday morning the front desk guy says to me that there's a girl selling her ticket for £20! So we catch her as fast as possible and I think to myself if I can get a bracelet I'll stay longer. "You still selling your ticket? I'd LOVE to go to the festival, you're my only hope..." She tells me (brace yourself) that she wants to save it for her scrapbook. I tell her I want to punch her in the teeth. Not really, but I sure wanted to. You won't sell me that plastic on your hand because you want it for a scrapbook? I will NOT be great friends with this girl.
I go back to my room and pack up my things and think to myself I'm getting on the bus. Aaargh! I march on down to the bus station and low and behold the bus left at 10am not 10:30. Minor error. So then I think to myself, call the troop! I get them on the phone and luckily for me I'm practically brilliant and find the house I'd only seen once before in the dark. There's everybody. Hung over and talking about the night before. So we have: Laird the initial invitee to the table, Doug the older of the two brothers, Andrew the younger of the two brothers, Jenny girlfriend of Andrew, Derek friend extraordinaire, Amanda girlfriend of Derek, and Murdo the good natured/hilarious. There's no explanation for any of them! A few people visit the house and among them somebody who knows of a ticket... brilliant! By 3pm I've got a bracelet on my hand and the festivities began.
Before I could do anything though, I had a look around and realized I was EXTREMLY out of place without wearing wellies (rainboots) so we find the most ridiculously priced wellies in the world and I buy them. It was the but of the joke all weekend. I still haven't lived it down. I'm pretty much an idiot....We listened to incredibl music all day, all the way into the night, and the big deal was that Franz Ferdinand was playing at the Loopallu 2007! They sing "Take me out." You'd all know it if you heard it. By then I was even dancing and you all know what that implies. Honestly I held my own pretty well. I ended up sleeping on the floor at Andrew and Jenny's. Along with everybody else. It was great fun.
So the day before in the drunken stupor I made plans with Laird to go up to Durness with him for Sunday because, why not? He had some surfing to do and, well, its my adventure. We drive a windy road up there. The man has to pull over to throw up. I'm so pleased it isn't me. SoooOOOO pleased. The scenery is fantastic, and Durness (a John Lennon obsessed little village) has Award Winning Beach. Sadly the surf, predicted at 12 feet, was at zero. Instead we check out a cave with a waterfall in it. That was cool... next weekend they're having Rave in the Cave but I won't be around. We spent some time beach walking and find some bread, cheese, and ham in the back of the van. Happily ate the crap out of that by then.
On the way back to Ullapool ew decide to check out some more caves called Bone Caves. It was a LONG hike. I really felt like I was doing something good for myself. And in my wellies to boot (no pun intended.) Get this: we discovered a river that is coming out of nowhere... literally, we're standing on a path that curves around a pool that a RIVER is flowing out of... it takes a while to realize that the water is coming UP out of the ground... outrageous! I felt like I discovered perpetual motion! We also ran into some deer, that was cool. Slept on the floor again at Andrew and Jenny's and decided to hitch with Laird to Glasgow where he lives now.
After a miserably long drive, we've just arrived, but not without stopping in Sterling to see the ridiculous carved Braveheart crafted after, you guessed it, Mel Gibson. This is NOT historically sound. We see the monument and hit the road again. Fun in Glasgow now, I'm sure of it.

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